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" Bob Ernst is a master craftsmen running the gamut of all out blues to refined fusion ...
emotionally infused blues / shred soloing
... outside the box solo flurries ... an unbelievable
sense of timing and melody, very lyrical ... a unique very identifiable style."
        -- Mike Sandomirsky, Guitar Mania - ( August 2003 )

" A well rounded Composer and Guitarist ...This CD goes from spacious light Jazz sounds to
Heavy Rock to Electrified Blues ... at times borrows from the past, while all the time lurching forward,
forging new grounds ! ... a highly tasteful player ... Bob kicks it into shred mode
when needed ... This is the real thing ! "
        -- John Hokanson, - ( Sept 2003 )

" Montage of blues riffs, melodic guitar lines with a touch of speed ... The CD demonstrates
Bob's mastery of the guitar and his ability to make the guitar sing ... melody combined with
fluid expression and a lot of soul ... HANDS-ON is a breath of fresh air in the musical clutter
blaring across the airwaves."
       -- John Kindred, HardRock Haven - ( July 2003 )

" A talented guitarist ... Bob plays in an emotive and classy way ...
very clever blues-rock / hard-rock. "
       -- Branimir Lokner, Muzika Bosnia - ( June 2004 )

" Tremendous explosive guitar ... the lead guitar in and out has such
dynamite sounds ... the track 'Beggars Delight' is beyond excellent ...
... superbly written, produced and engineered. "
-- Mary Rudy, Muzik Reviewz - ( Dec 2003 )

" A nice effort for guitarist Bob Ernst ... His guitar playing abilities are highlighted
in just the right way ... a very good guitarist ... one who emphasizes emotions ...
I have a feeling he will be going far. "

        -- A-J Charron, Guitar Noise - ( Dec 2003 )

"Fans of guitar instrumental have a new artist to keep their ears on: New Jersey's
Bob Ernst ... This EP/CD shows some very different sides to the guitarist - from
near-psychedelia to electric blues to cool melodic sounds to soaring rock leads
... his talent and his ability to blend style make him worth a listen. "
   -- R. Scott Bolton, Rough Edge - ( August 2003 )

" An EP that's bluesy, wailing and technically essential ... Quality Music."
         -- Glenn Milligan, BA Hons CS,  MetalliVille  - ( August 2003 ) 

" HANDS-ON is an anomaly in today's music scene. Here is an EP that introduces an artist
unconcerned with trends or fads; from the 9th chords and signature motif of the title track to the
ethereal tones of "Desert Flower", HANDS-ON reveals an artist with real musical vision and the talent
to put it all together ... A noteworthy debut from an artist whose muse will lead to????...
Stay tuned for the next CD. "
         -- Review,  CD  - ( March 2003 ) 


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